Friends for 350 Years

George Fox, Firbank Fell, England, 13th of Sixth Month, 1652:

While others were gone to dinner,
I went to a brook, got a little water,
and then came and sat down on the top of a rock
hard by the chapel.

In the afternoon the people gathered about me,
with several of their preachers. It was judged
there were above a thousand people;
to whom I declared God’s everlasting truth and Word of life
freely and largely for about the space of three hours.

I directed all to the Spirit of God in themselves;
that they might be turned from darkness to Light, and believe in it;
that they might become the children of it,
and might be turned from the power of Satan unto God;
and by the Spirit of truth might be led into all truth,
and sensibly understand the words of the prophets, of Christ,

and of the apostles;
and might all come to know Christ to be
their teacher to instruct them,
their counsellor to direct them,
their shepherd to feed them,
their bishop to oversee them,
and their prophet to open divine mysteries to them;
and might know their bodies to be prepared, sanctified,
and made fit temples for God and Christ to dwell in.

In the openings of heavenly life
I explained unto them the prophets,
and the figures and shadows,
and directed them to Christ, the substance.

Then I opened the parables and sayings of Christ,
and things that had been long hid. . . .
I declared unto them
that the Lord God had sent me to preach
the everlasting gospel and Word of life amongst them,
and to bring them off from all these temples,
tithes, priests, and rudiments of the world,
which had been instituted since the apostles’ days,
and had been set up by such
as had erred from the Spirit and power the apostles were in.

Very largely was I opened at this meeting,
and the Lord’s convincing power accompanied my ministry,
and reached the hearts of the people,
whereby many were convinced;
and all the teachers of that congregation (who were many)
were convinced of God’s everlasting truth.

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