Is There Life after Death in Quaker North Carolina?

Chuck Fager Demolishing a 320-Year-Old Meeting     At 10:58 Eastern time,  Seventh Day (Saturday), Eighth Month (August) 5, 2017, at Quaker Lake Camp near Liberty, NC, Clerk Michael Fulp asked, “Do you approve?”     The assembled Friends, about 120 of them, responded with a surprisingly subdued, “Approve.” And with that, they pressed the button that […]

Letters From Meeting Demanding Disciplinary Action Against Meetings With Which They Differ – And Responses

[Note: The letters are reproduced here, and are also online at our website. Links are listed after the letters. The quality of reproduction is as good as we could make it from the available copies.] Bethesda Friends Meeting, Dunn, North Carolina Deep Creek Friends Meeting, Yadkinville NC Deep Creek Friends Meeting – Page 2 Forbush […]

Links to NCYM-FUM letters online

Protesting Letters Poplar Ridge Letter: Pine Hill: Deep Creek: Hopewell: Forbush: Plainfeld: Bethesda: Responses Fancy Gap Withdrawal Letter: Spring Meeting “Stay Put” Letter: