Becoming a Progressive Quaker

History of Liberal Quakerism

Liberal Quakerism has both a distinguished history and a Distinctive religious message. But overall, liberal Quakers have not done well either at recalling this history or declaring the message. The work of remembering our history and rethinking our faith is of continuing importance for liberal Friends. In a time of resurgent conservatism, religious as well as political, this effort may be of particular use to those who are dissenters from this new Establishment. It can provide us with a “cloud of witnesses” from whom we can draw support and strength. Read More.

A Bit of Quaker Bible Study for the Independent Minded

Don’t know much about the Bible, but think you would like to? Are you an independent-minded person who prefers to form your own judgments rather than simply accept the pronouncements of a traditional authority, no matter how venerable? You can start here.

Modern Liberal Quaker Theology and Controversy

There are signs that American Friends, at least in the largest unprogrammed branch, are beginning to awaken from a long sleep of unawareness of their recent history and to use that in charting the course for the future. Read More.