About the Contributors, #26

Chuck Fager is Editor of Quaker Theology. His most recent book is Selma 1965: The March That Changed The South. 50th Anniversary Edition.

Douglas Gwyn is pastor of the Durham Friends Meeting in Durham, Maine. He has been a Quaker Studies teacher at both Pendle Hill and Woodbrooke in Britain. Among his books are Apocalypse of the Word, and Seekers Found.

Hugh Rock took up the study of theology after early retirement in 2007 and returned to study to gain an MSc in Social and Political Theory and a Postgraduate Diploma in theology from King’s College London. His book God Needs Salvation: A New Vision of God for the Twenty First Century, (christian-alternative.com) takes up principles of Quaker theology for a universal future religion. He hosts the website socialtheism.org which aims to voice the religion in those lives that are by convention labelled, “not religious”. Hugh is a new attender at Henley on Thames Meeting, Berkshire UK.

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