About the Authors

George Amoss Jr. is a retired social worker living north of Baltimore in Maryland.

Daisy Douglas Barr (1875-1938) was a popular preacher in Indiana Yearly Meeting. She served as pastor for at least six different Friends meetings/churches there. She was also a key figure in the statewide women’s counterpart Klan group.

Chuck Fager is the Editor of Quaker Theology. He lives in Durham, North Carolina.

Doug Gwyn is a retired pastor, scholar, theologian. He has not retired from writing and recording songs, many with Quaker subjects. He lives in Richmond, Indiana.

H. Larry Ingle is retired from the History Department at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

Joe Pfeiffer is pastor at Friends community church, Midway City, California; though the Elder Board of Evangelical Friends Church Southwest has voted to terminate his employment. The matter is currently in court. Originally from a Mennonite background in Ohio, he is seeking a doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary.

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