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Editor’s Introduction, # 7

By Chuck Fager This issue of Quaker Theology is one of the most exciting that it has been my privilege to work on. In it the work of serious religious thought is tackled from several strikingly different but revealing directions. We begin with with an appeal by two distinguished scholars, Duke Divinity School’s Stanley Hauerwas (a disenchanted […]

Abolishing War? An Appeal to Christian Leaders and Theologians

By Stanley Hauerwas and Enda McDonagh As Christians called to serve the Church in differing Christian traditions we appeal to our Christian sisters and brothers to join a campaign to abolish war as a legitimate means of resolving political conflict between states and within them. Although our appeal is addressed to the Christian community, we […]

Real Presence and First-Day Pitch-Ins: Why Quakers Are, and Must Be, a Eucharistic People

By Patrick J. Nugent “Wait upon God for the Living Bread, that never fades away.” George Fox “I myself am the Bread of Life. Whoever comes to me will never hunger: whoever trusts in me will never thirst.” (John 6:51) I. A Eucharistic Theology for Quakers? In a recent paper, Scott Holland, a minister and […]

From Reason to Truth to Mystery: An Odyssey to Orthodoxy

By John W. Oliver Some days ago an off-the-cuff reference to myself as a former Evangelical Friend caused a slight stir. Chuck Fager said, “You must do an article.” Jerry Frost (retiring Director of the Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College) said, “We must talk.” This is to respond to these kind invitations. At first […]

The Making of “The Tree Of Life”

By Bruce “Pacho” Lane Quakerism and Mexican Indian Religious Beliefs This is a story about learning to put Quaker faith into practice in a way George Fox never anticipated, while making a film about a Mexican Indian religious belief and ritual. I’m a “birth-right” Friend. My father, Ralph Lane, was convinced while in college at […]

Friends for 350 Years Howard H. Brinton. Historical update and notes by Margaret Hope Bacon.

Reviewed by Chuck Fager There is really no honest way to say this but straight out: Except for its handsome new cover design, this reissue of Howard Brinton’s Friends for 300 Years is an utter embarrassment. For the sake of Pendle Hill’s reputation, and out of respect for Brinton’s decades of service to that institution, it ought […]

Quakers and The Lamb’s War: A Hermeneutic for Confronting Evil, Non-Violent Resistance

By Gene Hillman A paper presented at the International Historic Peace Church Consultation Bienenberg Theological Seminary, Switzerland, June 25-28, 2001 As they war not against men’s persons, so their weapons are not carnal nor hurtful to any of the creation; for the Lamb comes not to destroy men’s lives nor the work of God, and […]

About the Contributors #7

Chuck Fager is a member of State College (PA) Meeting, and Director of Quaker House in Fayetteville, NC. He is Editor of Quaker Theology, and his most recent book is The Harlot’s bible. Stanley Hauerwas is Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke Divinity School. In September 2001 Time Magazine pronounced him the most influential theologian […]