Issue #26 – Preview
Chuck Fager, Editor
Stephen Angell, Associate Editor

Editor’s Note: Quaker Theology is normally published twice a year, with the next issue, #26, not due till the end of this year. However, events in North Carolina Yearly Meeting (FUM) are unfolding rapidly, so we are making available this preview report. Watch for updates. The complete set of published issues is available for reading, free, on our website here.

Quaker Thunder In Carolina: A Report by Chuck Fager

Ninth Month (September) 29, 2014: Years of tensions in North Carolina Yearly Meeting-FUM (NCYM-FUM), exacerbated by a steady loss of members and funds, broke into the open in the summer of 2014, and took over the agenda at the annual sessions at the beginning of September. Calls for a purge surfaced, and have already produced …

Thunder In Carolina: North Carolina Yearly Meeting – FUM

Chuck Fager North Carolina Quaker Showdown As this issue went to press, North Carolina Yearly Meeting-FUM (NCYM) was on the brink of a showdown over its future, with a high probability of undergoing a major schism. What’s at stake in the struggle? Many things, but what stands out are four Ms: Mission, morality, marriage, and …