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FGC's "Uniform Discipline" Rediscovered -- Now with the FULL TEXT
Quaker "Spirits" Speak -1851
The Progressive Friends' "Manifesto" of 1853
The Founding Voices of FGC Two Addresses from 1900
The Stirring Memoir of a Heroic Friend; William Rotch
A companion Memoir by Valiant Woman Friend:   Dinah Goff
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An Essay by Douglas Gwyn on "Quaker Bispirituality Today"
Quakers & The Arts -- A Historical Collection of  Quotations
A Consensus Statement on Theology by a Seminar of Some Unprogrammed Friends - 2001


CHUCK FAGER: Some Online Theological Essays by the Editor of Quaker Theology.
Articles dealing with Bible study, liberal Quaker history and thought, and recent Quaker theological controversies:

Quakers as a "Chosen People." An Examination of Contemporary Quaker Identity, by Chuck Fager.

Beyond the Age of Amnesia: Charting the Course of 20th Century Liberal Quaker Theology. An article in the journal, "Quaker Theology."

Friends' Ecclesiology and the 'Quaker-Wide Web.' Another essay on recent Quaker theology and practice, in "Quaker Theology."

Lucretia Mott, Liberal Quaker Theologian. How a woman minister set the course and the content of most US liberal Quaker theology, and why she has not received her proper recognition as a seminal figure in our religious history.

The "Core" Quaker Theology: Is There Such a Thing? A reflection on the nature and evolution of religious thought, within Quakerism and affecting it from outside.

A "Prophet" among us: Licia Kuenning & her "Farmington Prophecy" of 2005-2006 - Part 1

"Prophecy" Delayed? Or "Prophecy" Failure: The "Farmington Prophecy" - Part 2

Conservative Quakerism Rising? A Review of Lloyd Lee Wilson's "Wrestling With Our Faith Tradition."

"Godless For God's Sake": A Theist Friend's Appreciation of Quaker Non-theism -- Part 1

"The Trouble With God": A theist Friend's Appreciation of Quaker Non-theism --
 Part 2

The Trouble With Ministers. A critical examination of the current efforts to re-establish the system of "recorded ministers" among liberal unprogrammed Quaker groups.

Four Thoughts on Bible study:   Brief pieces on how the Bible can usefully be used and studied among Friends, without literalism or dependence on dogma.

An Introduction to Biblical Wisdom: Four short articles about the parts of the Bible often called the "wisdom texts."

"A Great Deep": The Peace Testimony & Historical Realism. A review essay dealing with two landmark books: Walking in the Way of Peace: Quaker Pacifism in the Seventeenth Century, by Meredith Baldwin Weddle; and British Quakerism 1860-1920: the Transformation of a Religious Community, by Thomas C. Kennedy.

FGC's "Uniform Discipline" Rediscovered. (Reprinted from Quaker History, Vol. 89, Fall 2000. by Chuck Fager. An introduction to the lost "Rosetta Stone" of 20th Century liberal Quaker religious thought. The Full text of this Discipline is now online, and the link is below, in the next section.

A Review of the "Womens Bible Commentary": An overview of the first major scholarly Bible commentary prepared exclusively by women scholars.  This piece follows an excerpt from the book, "A Respondent Spark: The Basics of Bible Study."

Shaggy Locks & Birkenstocks: Liberal Friends Discover Fox: a paper delivered at a Swarthmore College Symposium on the Legacy of  George Fox, October 2002

A Critique of the Richmond Declaration: The "Richmond [Indiana] Declaration of Faith" has been used by many groups (and strongly rejected by many others) as the equivalent of a formal creed since it was produced in 1887.  This essay explains why one liberal Friend can't accept it.

The Authenticity of Liberal Quakerism: A concise explanation of why this Friend considers the liberal strand of Quaker history and thought a legitimate heir of early Quaker experience and thought.

Landmarks & Heroes of Liberal Quaker History: Profiles of three important figures who shaped the modern liberal Quaker tradition: Hannah Barnard, Joel & Hannah Bean, along with  a sketch of the crucial Manchester Conference of 1895, when British Quakerism turned from its evangelical past in new directions.

Quaker Theological Struggles in the 1990s: A Glimpse of the "Realignment" Conference.  A call for separation, under the slogan "realignment" shook much of American Quakerism in the early 1990s.  Here is a first-hand report from a conference organized by its advocates in 1991.

Quakers Caught in a Satanic Witchhunt:  A shocking report on how a family of British Quakers in the Orkney islands were swept up in the frenzy over purported "satanic cult" activity.

Reconsidering the Friends Peace Testimony: A critical analysis of the classic 1660 statement of  Friends' pacifism.

A Quaker Declaration of War:  Applying military strategic thought to Quaker peace work

Speaking Peace, Living Peace: A case study of how one Yearly Meeting struggled to articulate and live the Peace Testimony during the U.S. Civil War, based on their own records.

 Quaker Theology: A Progressive Journal & Forum For Discussion & Study

A Biographical sketch of Chuck Fager

Some Quaker Web Theology Resources:

NEW! First Time Online -- The FULL TEXT of the 1926 FGC Uniform Discipline, in a searchable PDF file. Uploaded March 9, 2009

FGC's "Uniform Discipline" Rediscovered. (Reprinted from Quaker History, Vol. 89, Fall 2000. by Chuck Fager. An introduction to the lost "Rosetta Stone" of 20th Century liberal Quaker religious thought.
Now: The "Exposition of Sentiments," 1853. This is the seminal manifesto of the "Progressive Friends" movement, which quietly but decisively shaped the direction and agenda of contemporary liberal unprogrammed Quakerism.  Although previously obscure, not to say forgotten, this is a crucial landmark in intra-Quaker apologetic.

Quaker "Spirits" Speak -- Two "messages," purportedly from George Fox and Edward Hicks, delivered by Isaac Post, a Quaker medium in 1852.  Excellent specimens of Progressive Quaker theology.

Friends General Conference--1900: Two Addresses from the Founding of the major liberal Quaker association of the modern era.  These stirring speeches show the dynamic spirit that launched this movement.

The Amazing Autobiographical MEMORANDUM of William Rotch, an Authentic Quaker hero.
Rotch was a leading Friend in the Quaker community of Nantucket Island, and his story of faithfulness during the American and French Revolutions is a truly memorable story.

 A companion Memoir: Divine Protection Through Extraordinary Dangers, by Dinah Goff.  Goff and her family lived through the ordeal of rebellion and massacre in Ireland in 1798. Her compelling acount of this experience was published in 1857.

Links to online Quaker texts and Collections: This set of links is a part of "Quaker.org" the massive and pioneering website maintained by Friend Russ Nelson.  It will point you to most of the major pages and sites on which to find classic and historical Quaker writings.

               Other Quaker Theological Essays

A Consensus Statement on Theology from the QUEST Quaker Theology Seminar, First Month, 2001.

Doug Gwyn: Sense and Sensibilities: Quaker Bispirituality Today.  A fine essay by one of today's most thoughtful and perceptive Quaker writers, on ways to bridge, or at least encompass, the divergent streams of contemporary Quakerism. From his book of essays and addresses, Words in Time.

Quaker Quotations on the Arts: While not a theological study per se, this collection of quotations is nonetheless a rich source of theological reflection.  Gathered by Friend Esther Murer, it traces the evolution of Quaker attitudes to the arts over three hundred-plus years, and from vehement opposition to somewhat halfhearted, uncertain acceptance.


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