About the Contributors

Doug Bennett is a convinced Friend, a member of Richmond, Indiana First Friends Meeting, part of the New Association of Friends taking shape in the Midwest. He now lives in Maine where he worships among Friends at Brunswick Friends Meeting. From 1997 to 2011 he was president and professor of politics at Earlham College. His blog on Quaker related matters can be found at riverviewfriend.wordpress.com.

John Calvi is a Quaker healer who lives in Putney, Vermont with his husband, Marshall Brewer. He is the founder and serves as Coordinator of the Quaker Initiative to End Torture (QUIT).

Chuck Fager is the Editor of Quaker Theology. His most recent book is Quakers Are Hilarious.

Mary Heathman is a member of Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting, and Denver, Colorado’s First Friends Church. She is the Founding Director of Where Grace Abounds, a ministry intended “to guide and support men and women who seek to understand sexuality and relationship, and to inspire all people to know and personally appropriate God’s plan for their sexuality and relationships.” She has also served as President and Chair of the Board of the recently dissolved Exodus International. She attended the FWCC World Conference in Kenya.

H. Larry Ingle is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. He is a member of Chattanooga Monthly Meeting.

Geoffrey Kaiser was an early member of what was initially called the Committee of Concern, in the early 1970s, but which has evolved over the past four decades into the Friends for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender & Queer Concerns. In 1987 Geoffrey Kaiser married Bruce Grimes under the care of Unami Meeting in Pennsylvania. The couple now live in northern California.

Rich Liversidge has worked in project and government finance, primarily energy and low-income housing projects. He is a trustee of Friends United Meeting and Baltimore Yearly Meeting, and is clerk of the Finance Committee of the Sandy Spring, Maryland Monthly Meeting. He and his wife have led couple enrichment programs among Friends for 25 years, and train other leader couples.

Zablon Malenge is the Presiding Clerk of Friends Church Kenya.

Cindy S. Perry is an attorney in civil practice. A lifelong Friend, she is a member of Spring Monthly Meeting of North Carolina Yearly Meeting – Friends United Meeting. She was a delegate from her yearly meeting to the FWCC conference in Kenya.

Pablo Stanfield is a member of University MM in Seattle, WA, in North Pacific YM, (unaffiliated liberal).  He has a recognized ministry for religious education for peace and travels under a concern for good eldering.  He recently retired from a career as a trainer, mediator, intercultural communications specialist and translator.he also attended the Kenya conference.

Brian C. Wilson is professor of American Religious History in the Department of Comparative Religion, at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan. His article was part of the preparation for a book, The Rise and Fall of the Temple of Health: Religion, Medicine, and the Battle Creek Sanitarium, forthcoming from Indiana University Press, in its Religion in North America series.

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