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To: All Yearly Meeting Committees
Subject: Letter of Concern
Date:  July 8, 2015

The Yearly Meeting Personnel Committee is responsible for filling certain vacancies in Yearly Meeting employment. As part of our task, we review and update job descriptions, advertise, receive applications, interview candidates, make recommendations to the Executive Committee and report to the Yearly Meeting. In doing this job, the Personnel Committee is disheartened and disturbed by what appear to be roadblocks to our efforts. If individuals have concerns about a person being suggested for a position within the Yearly Meeting, that concern should come to the attention of the Personnel Committee, not directly to the candidate, not to leaders in our Yearly Meeting not on the Personnel Committee and not in participation of a negative campaign against the candidate.

We are concerned about rumors, innuendo, gossip and bullying not only concerning prospective personnel, but among the larger body of Friends in the Yearly Meeting. This behavior is hurtful to some and a hindrance to all, is unbecoming and not consistent with our Quaker Christian expression of love.

We ask that this letter of concern be read in the next meeting of each Yearly Meeting committee or organization, and that we all seek to follow the commandment of loving one another in a Christ-like manner. We pray that Friends cease to participate in rumors, innuendo, gossip and bullying, and take a clear stand against such activity if it occurs in your presence.

In peace and love,

Mary Anna McCullen
Clerk, Personnel Committee

Don Farlow
Superintendent, NCYM-FUM

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