Quaker Theology
A Progressive Journal and Forum for Discussion and Study

Issue #16     
Volume Nine, Number One

Fall-Winter 2009

Editor: Chuck Fager
Associate Editors: Ann K. Riggs & Steven Angell

ISSN 1526-7482


Editorís Introduction

Update & Preview:  Philip Gulley, Western Yearly Meeting

An Excerpt from If The Church Were Christian, by Philip Gulley

The Quaker Enterprise of Metaphor, by Jnana Hodson

Narrative Theology: My journey to/into Quakerism and nonviolence,
by Jeanne-Henriette Louis

Howard Thurman and Quakers, by Stephen W. Angell

An Exchange On Holiness, The Soul of Quakerism, by Carole Dale Spencer:

 Holiness: 2.5 Cheers, by Thomas Hamm

Response to Thomas Hamm,
by Carole Dale Spencer


Holiness: The Soul of Quakerism, by Carole Dale Spencer.
            Reviewed by Chuck Fager

Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship, Quakers, African Americans, and the Myth of Racial Justice, by Donna McDaniel and Vanessa Julye.
            Reviewed by Chuck Fager 

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