Quaker Theology
A Progressive Journal and Forum for Discussion and Study

Issue #15     
Volume Eight, Number Two

Winter-Spring 2008

Editor: Chuck Fager
Associate Editors: Ann K. Riggs & Steven Angell

ISSN 1526-7482


Editorís Introduction

Silence In Heaven: The Revelation to John Woolman
       Michael Birkel

The Psychology of Salvation: Recovering, Reframing and reclaiming

the Early Quaker Experience

       George Amoss Jr.

The Spiritual Similarities of Quaker Silence and
Pentecostal Glossolalia in Worship
       Ho Yan Au


Hideous Dream; Full Spectrum Disorder; and "Hold On To Your Humanity: An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq," all by Stan Goff
           Reviewed by David Gosling
An Interview with David Gosling

An Introduction to Quakerism, and The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction, by Pink Dandelion
           Reviewed by Douglas Gwyn

Seeking Paradise: The Spirit of the Shakers, by Thomas Merton
          Reviewed by Robert Pierson

The Dark Side, by Jane Mayer; and Never Surrender, by General (ret.) William G. "Jerry" Boykin
         Reviewed by Chuck Fager

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