Quaker Theology
A Progressive Journal and Forum for Discussion and Study

Issue #12      Volume Seven, Number One

Fall-Winter 2005-2006

Editor: Chuck Fager
Associate Editor: Ann K. Riggs

ISSN 1526-7482


Editorís Introduction

The Angel of History, the Storm of Progress,
and the Order of the Soul, by Keith Helmuth

Historical and Theological Origins of
Assemblies of God Pacifism,
by Paul Alexander






Americaís Providential History, Including Biblical Principles
of Education, Government, Politics, Economics,
and Family Life,
by Mark A. Beliles and Stephen K. McDowell,
Reviewed by H. Larry Ingle

Farmington! Farmington! A Novel (Sort of) by Licia Kuenning,
Reviewed by Chuck Fager

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