Cover - Quaker Theology #24 - Winter/Spring 2014

Quaker Theology

A Progressive Journal and Forum
For Discussion and Study
Issue #24 - Winter-Spring  2014
Volume Thirteen, Number One
Editor: Chuck Fager
Associate Editors:
Stephen W. Angell & Ann K. Riggs


Editor’s Introduction

The Fall of Man, by Angelina Grimke Weld

“Let the holy seed of life reign” – Perfection, Pelagianism,
and the early Friends, by John Connell

Blessed Unrest: The Radical Act of Gathering, by Scott Holmes

Separation Accomplished: New Beginnings for a New
Association of Friends and a “Reconfigured”
Indiana Yearly Meeting, by Stephen W. Angell

A Letter re: Kenya Quakers & homosexuality
by David Zarembka

Review: The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies
by Chuck Fager

Northwest Yearly Meeting and “Shattering” Conflict: Chapter One
by Chuck Fager with Jade Souza

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