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Issue #28

Spring-Summer 2016

Volume Fifteen, Number One

Editor: Chuck Fager
Associate Editors:
Stephen W. Angell
& Ann K. Riggs

ISSN 1526-7482


Quaker Theology #28 -- Spring-Summer 2016


Editor’s Introduction

Tom Fox: In Memoriam
     Introduction, Chuck Fager
     Excerpts from Tom’s Blog/Journal
     A Godly Play story about Tom, by Jennifer Elam

Context/Content/Community: Teaching Interfaith Dialogue
as a Quaker, by Rebecca Mays

The Death of Friend Peg Morton: Three Perspectives

     Feeling Light Within. Peg Morton remembered for the way
           she lived and died, by Ted Taylor

     The Death of Peg Morton: A View from Eugene Oregon
           Friends Meeting, by Dina Wills

     Reflection on Peg Morton, by Ken Bradstock

Three Reflections on Same Sex Marriage, by Philip Gulley

Walt Whitman of the New York Aurora: Editor, Transcendentalist,
Quaker, Perfectionist, by Mitchell Santine Gould

One Yellow Door: A Memoir of Love and Loss, Faith and Infidelity,
by Rebecca de Saintonge. Reviewed by Alice Carlton

North Carolina & Northwest Yearly Meeting Updates:
Ambushed, Sandbagged, and Kicked Down The Road, by Chuck Fager

About the Contributors

All the essays in this issue are copyright by
the respective authors,
and all rights are reserved by them.

“Feeling Light Within: Peg Morton remembered for the way she lived and died”, by Ted Taylor, is reprinted with permission from Eugene (OR) Weekly, January 7, 2016.
Online at: http://www.eugeneweekly.com/20160107/lead-story/feeling-light-within

Except where otherwise noted,
the views expressed in articles in Quaker Theology
are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of
the Editors, or Quaker Ecumenical Seminars in Theology.

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