Quaker Theology #11 -- Spring-Summer 2005

About the Contributors

Charley Earp is a father, husband, and erstwhile theologian. He is a member of Northside Meeting in Chicago, with a day job in the travel business.

Chuck Fager is Editor of Quaker Theology, and Director of Quaker House in Fayetteville NC.

Thomas Kennedy is Professor of History at the University of Arkansas. His most recent book is British Quakerism, 1860-1920: the Transformation of a Religious Community
published in 2001 by Oxford University Press

Ellen McCambley is a member of Scarsdale [NY] Meeting and currently an attender at Wellesley [MA] Meeting. From 1964 through 1972 she was a Dominican sister from Elkins Park, Pa.

Lloyd Lee Wilson is a member and recognized minister of the gospel in Rich Square Monthly Meeting (Woodland, NC), part of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative). He serves the monthly meeting as clerk of Ministers, Elders, and Overseers, and has served the yearly meeting in a parallel role. He works at Chowan ollege, where he is Registrar and Assistant Professor of Accounting. LLW's second book, Wrestling with the Faith Tradition: Collected Public Witness, 1995-2004, is scheduled for release by QuakerPress in Seventh Month, 2005.

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