Quaker Theology

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For Discussion and Study

Double Issue #30 & #31

Winter-Spring 2017 &
Summer-Fall 2017

Volume Sixteen, Numbers One & Two

Editor: Chuck Fager
Associate Editors:
Stephen W. Angell
& Ann K. Riggs

ISSN 1526-7482


Editor’s Introduction


Is There Life after Death in Quaker North Carolina?

And: An Increasingly Familiar Story –

    Northwest Yearly Meeting Expulsions & Sequelae
    by Chuck Fager

Wilmington YM: Another Yearly Meeting Schism?
    by Stephen Angell

A Sampler of Quaker Resistance

Lucretia Mott & The Perils of Dissent,
    by Anna David Hallowell

Joseph Southall & The Ghosts of the Slain:
    A Quaker Artist Takes on World War One

“Many Friends do not know ‘where they are’”:
Some Divisions in London Yearly Meeting
During the First World War
    by Thomas C. Kennedy

Milton Mayer, Quaker Hedgehog by Larry Ingle

Everyday/Extraordinary Resistance: Two True Stories
    from the Vietnam Years
    by Marion Anderson & Ken Maher

Jim Corbett & the 1980s Sanctuary Movement, a Profile
    by Chuck Fager

Remembering Tom Fox
Introduction to
Tom Fox Was My Friend. Yours, Too.
    by Chuck Fager

Passages by Tom Fox & James Loney

Passages from the Qur’an

Broader Views of Quaker Witness & Resistance

Resisting Oppression: Friends and the Stuart Restoration,

    by H. Larry Ingle

The Quaker Peace Testimony as Questing Beast,
    by Chel Avery

Study War Some More (If You Want To Work for Peace),
    by Chuck Fager

No Country for Jewish Liberals, Larry Derfner.
The Half Life of a Free Radical. Clare Hanrahan, Celtic Wordcraft.

    Reviewed by Chuck Fager

Nixon’s First Cover-Up, The Religious Life
of A Quaker President. H. Larry Ingle.

    Reviewed by Lon Fendall

The Fearless Benjamin Lay: The Quaker Dwarf
Who Became the First Revolutionary Abolitionist.

Marcus Rediker, Boston: Beacon Press, 2017.

    Reviewed by Stephen Angell

Excerpts from: ALL SLAVE-KEEPERS
That keep the Innocent in Bondage,
APOSTATES . . . . By Benjamin Lay

Ham Sok Hon, “The Korean Gandhi”
    Reviewed by Chuck Fager

Resistance Theology in Niebuhr, Barth,
Rauschenbush & Dorrien: A Review Essay by Chuck Fager


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